If you want to make a late entry, here’s how to do it:

Foreign rider:
  • Late entries must be made directly on the FEI Entry system by your federation.
French rider:
CSI 2* & CSI P :
  • It is possible to make a late entry request directly via your FFE Compet account.
  • The amount of the fee is debited as soon as you enter your late request.
  • There is an additional charge of €50 for late requests.
CSI 1* & CSI Am :
  • It’s possible to make a late entry. This can be done directly with the organiser and must be paid to the organiser.
  • This entry is charge as “entry on the spot”
  • To do so, send an email to: contact@marieh.eu with the following information:
        • FFE Account number and name (without password)
        • Name of rider and valid FEI number
        • Name of horse and valid FEI number
        • Event to be entered (CSI 1* or Am)
        • Itwill not be possible to make your entry if the request is not complete or the FEI numbers are not valid.

See you soon,

All the information you need to organise your visit, find somewhere to eat or stay, see the exhibitors and find out what’s happening at the show is available on the POLE EUROPEEN DU CHEVAL website (link below).

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