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Here are the various payment methods for your registration at the CDI Le Mans

1. Payment before the competition :

You can settle your entries via bank transfer. Please include the label name followed by the rider’s name in the payment reference for quick identification.

Bank Details for the Bank Transfer:

  • Association des Bouleries
    BPGO- Le Mans Entreprises
    IBAN: FR76 1380 7006 5832 8212 5000 658

Pricing Grid:

ChatGPT Refer to the rate schedule below to understand the costs associated with each entry category.

1 CDI4* 497,25€ 27,25€ 40 € 565
2 CDI1* 456.30 € 18.70 € 40 € 515 €
3 CDI2* / U25 / Y / J 431.30 € 18.70 € 40 € 490 €
4 CDIP / Ch / Am / YH 381.30 € 18.70 € 40 € 440 €
5 SELLERIE 150 €
6 TRAINING 200 €

It is also possible to prepay stable and training fees along with your entry.

2. On-Site Payment :

On-site payment includes the balance of entries and potential pize money. On-site, you can pay by card or in cash only.

**Reminder :**

– Consumables (hay, shavings, electricity…): Payment directly at the PEC office. You can open an account.
Entries: Payment to be made to Marie H. Please be mindful of the opening hours of the sports office for entries.
– French riders, payment for entries and manure fees is made directly through FFE Compet.

**Deadline for Payment :**

Accounts must be settled at the latest upon your departure, meaning during the retrieval of horse passports at the end of the events. (American Express not accepted.)

Feel free to contact us for any questions or assistance.

Stay connected and see you soon.

Marie H

All the information you need to organise your visit, find somewhere to eat or stay, see the exhibitors and find out what’s happening at the show is available on the POLE EUROPEEN DU CHEVAL website (link below).

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