Catering during the Equestrian Competition!

Several dining options will be available from Thursday, May 2nd (dinner) to Sunday, May 5th, 2024.

**The Restaurant:**
A relaxed dining area of 400m2, complemented by a 500m2 terrace with a panoramic view, will be accessible throughout the event. The meals for the CDIO5* riders and the team Chef d’équipe are scheduled to be served in this restaurant.

To lunch while enjoying the atmosphere of the competition, don’t hesitate to reserve your VIP table with the Compiègne Equestre association. Contact them now at

Prices with Champagne:
– Table for 8 people: €1000 excl. VAT
– Table for 4 people: €500 excl. VAT
– Table for 2 people: €250 excl. VAT

**The Exhibitor Village:**
Explore the exhibitor village and discover several dining options. Try our local products at the Compiègne Agriculture stand, savor a dish at ‘Au Four Gaulois,’ and much more.

**Stables :**
As in previous years, a food truck will be available at the stables, offering the opportunity to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a friendly atmosphere.

Stay connected and see you soon!
Marie H

All information on catering, partners, events and the Stade Equestre du Grand Parc is available on the COMPIEGNE EQUESTRE website (link below).

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