Provide your music

For the freestyle events, it is necessary to provide your music.

However, several criteria must be respected:


  • Name the file as shown: name.label.cheval (ex: terryjones.cdi2.monthy )


  • Par mail à Katia:
  • (even if you don’t know the results of the competition).
  • Deposit at the secretariat: a correctly identified USB KEY or CD (key ring / box)


  • As soon as possible so that the file can be tested before your sound check, even if you don’t know if you qualify.
  • The later the music is given, the more difficult it will be to test.


Any material that is not clearly identified and may be lost will not be accepted. (NO POST-IT / loose paper, USB stick without name….)

All the information you need to organise your visit, eat and sleep, visit the exhibitors and find out what’s happening at the show is available on the COMPIEGNE EQUESTRE website (link below).

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